Spraying fairways at Lytham old links

We can offer tailormade solutions for your weed control programme, be it a single application of herbicide to control weeds in your valuable sports turf, or regular applications of total herbicide to control weeds on industrial areas.


We are able to treat any size area in any situation, from a front drive to a whole golf course or industrial complex, including shrub beds, mowing margins, horse paddocks, in fact any situation were weed growth or unwanted vegetation requires managing.


What you can be assured of is a professional service from an experienced company. We source our products from leading manufacturers and distributors including, Bayer, Evaris, Scotts, Agrichem, Agrovista, Barclay,Monsanto, DOW, Makhteshim, Headland, Frontier, Nufarm, ALS, Maxwell Amenity, Sherrifs, Nomix Chipman and Rigby Taylor.


Contact us on info@rainford.com for a quote or for help and advice


All of our applicators (spraying staff) are certificated to a minimum of PA1, 2, 5 & 6


We are members of and accredited to:


NAAC http://www.naac.co.uk/


BASIS http://www.basis-reg.co.uk/


Amenity Assured Scheme http://www.basis-reg.com/media/documents/Amenity_Assured_Booklet_2010.PDF


BACCS http://www.basis-reg.com/amenity/baccs.aspx


CHAS http://www.chas.gov.uk/







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