This is a guide price for total or selective weed control, if you are not sure of your area then we can measure it when on site and charge accordingly, payment on completion.


For areas upto 9999m2 the cost will allow for application by knapsack or vehicle mounted sprayer. Areas above 1 hectare or for multiple hectares then these are sprayed by vehicle mounted equipment only, assuming it is accesable to a landrover.


When you make a booking we will call you and discuss the job before hand, alternativley call us first then we can talk you through it.


All applications are made by professional certificated operatives, using modern application techniques and equipment.


We can apply herbicide to any situation regardles of terrain.


These prices are for any area within 50 miles radius of WA10 5QG we can spray any area but it will be subject to £1.00 per mile surcharge over 50 miles from our postcode.


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